Mini Split Info

family air conditiongAfter a long winter season, summer is finally here with us. Hurray! But not yet, for anyone who cannot keep their temperatures cool inside their premises. the temperatures at this times makes it unbearable to be inside the house unless of course you have good air conditioning. Payless Mini Splits brings to you the most efficient air conditioners so you can keep your home cool.

Our Products

9000 BTU Air Conditioners
We have four categories of air conditioner under the 9000 BTU air conditioners. There is the Airkon 9K, Senville 9K, Klimaire 9K, Mitsubishi 9K, YMGI 9K. Regardless of the product you choose, the air conditioner is able to reach over 400 feet, providing you with proper cooling, heating or dehumidification.

12000 BTU Mini Splits
Brands included in this category are similar to those in the 9000K category. These products are very effective in air conditioning areas that are 550 square feet and above.

18000 BTU Mini Splits
The products in this category are similar to those under 9000 mini splits category. However, these mini splits can be used in larger spaces as they cover more than 950 square feet.

24000 BTU Mini Splits
Products in this category are able to cover 1200+ square feet.

30000 BTU Mini Splits
These products cover the widest area. You can choose from the Mitsubishi 30K, Klimaire 30K or the YMGI 30K.

Why Choose our Products?

Our products are very effective in saving energy. Compared with other air conditioners, they do not consume a lot of energy. This will help you reduce your energy costs while at the same time being of great impact to the environment.

Easy of installations
All our products are pretty easy to install. Therefore, purchasing our mini split will significantly save on your installation costs.


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